Our team

Bc. Simona Macková

I studied social pedagogy at CharlesUniversity, Hussite theological faculty. I decided to be a teacher, when I was working with children like au-pair and ABA therapist for children with autism. It was during the studies.

It's my big pleasure to be a part of childrens life.  

I graduated bachelor degree of pre-school education, which is my world of work and private life. 

I worked in several nursery schools, also cooperated with the FOD Klokánek.

I study masters degree - Diakonie, social and pastoral work at Charles University, Evangelical theological faculty (distance learning). When I was ABA therapist I learned how to help children live a dignified life. I passed a video training and thanks that I started to reflect own behavior and through that how to help others.

I worked as a leader at several summer camps for children with ADHD, I organize suburban summer camps.


Mgr. Věra Beroušková







Ever since my childhood, everyone knew that I would be a teacher, trainer or organizer, and now everything seems to be happened to me. I graduated the Secondary Pedagogical School study of Pre-school Education in Prague, majoring in physical education, and immediately followed studies at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University, Teacher 1st grade.

In the course of study in college, I led groups for children usually focused on sports eg. swimming, trampolines, ropeskipping, trainings for parents and children. I've individually tutored children and took care of them in families. 10 months I worked in Ireland as an au pair, where I took care of 3 Czech girls. Also 7 years I have taken part in camps for preschool children with dance focus.

Beside working with children is my another big pleasure the world of fitness. As a trainer of the group lessons and personal trainings I use various forms of exercise from slow to dynamic. But always, like at working with children, betting on consistency, playfulness and quiet.

In 2014 I became a mother myself. Being a parent is the most beautiful and also most complex role in the world. Every parent wants his child had in his absence the best care and we'll do our best to reach it.


Petra Kotýnková 

I have studied business academy and a language school, but work with children I always enormously enjoyed.

How to approach to them, how to teach, so that teaching is an entertainment for them I realised during the winter periods year 2011-2015 as skiing instructor. Children's ski school instructor focused in teaching little kids in the mountains. Already more than two years I tutor children in English language and I also watch over a 3-years old girl.

"Even as a child I loved taking care of younger children, arguing, that I'll become a mother one day. My dream came true in the kindergarten..."


Hannah Johnson









I am from St. Paul, Minnesota, but go to school at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

I study Journalism and Sociology, but in my free time, I volunteer with a student group that runs a camp for children whose parents have been touched by cancer.

I decided to study in the Czech Republic because it is so beautiful and has a very interesting history and culture.

"I am excited to volunteer at the preschool because I absolutely love kids, and it will also help me with my basic Czech–which I am taking a class on!"


Sára Vokálová









She is studying at the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague and childrens activities accompanies her life several years. Through the winter months as an instructor winter sports over the summer as leaders in children's camps and sport trainings.

A lot of experience with children also received during the regular caring for children of working parents. From 2013 - 2015 she worked in an individual project to transform the system of child protection. 

"Working in the YMCA kindergarten I was especially impressed by a relation between active programme for kids and a family atmosphere based on a individual approach to each child."

One of their hobbies is also traveling, so she will leave us for a while in the coming months, to gain experience with children's education in other countries


 Mgr. et Bc. Renata Hromková

She graduated from the master's degree in the South Bohemian University Faculty of Health Education - Bachelor degree in pedagogy and rehabilitation and psychosocial care for children, the disabled, seniors and adults also at the University of South Bohemia. She is currently completing his studies at Charles University Education - Health Education master's degree. 

Youth is dedicated to teaching for over twenty-five years, initially in the form of leisure activities musculoskeletal character and later holistic approach to individuals. "

In addition to working with children are actively engaged in physical activities with adults. Also belongs to the team of Olga Sleeping in the Congress Center where he leads his clock.

Collaborates with a number of experts from the holistic approach to health and organized "Health Week" in the YMCA.


Veronika Radová

She worked as a caregiver for the lord affected by cerebral palsy. This taught her patience and above all the desire to help someone.

She studied at Christian high school and now she is studying at the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, majoring in Public Administration and Regional Development.

Her hobbies are dancing, music and cooking.

"I would like to work with people, because I like helping other people. My work with children made me happy, because I can be part of their life and help them in their development."